Mona Lisa

I recently started watching the series “Halston” on Netflix. I’m a former model wannabe and lover of fashion, so everything about it speaks to my core. I also realized something: I would be honored to be someone’s muse. Halston had several muses from Liza Minnelli to his fit model to his multiple lovers. He loved … Continue reading Mona Lisa


Someone told me recently that she liked me because I was unvarnished. I love the word choice because it was less offensive than saying unpolished. Unpolished implies that something is wrong. Unvarnished implies that I’m a good person without needing all the extra-ness. I’m unvarnished because I speak before my thought is complete, because I … Continue reading Unvarnished


I watched “Melancholia” a few weeks ago for the first time. It was an Amazon Prime video recommendation, and man, were they right. I cried like a baby at the end. It was a sci-fi movie. Not a romance drama, not a romantic comedy, no one’s puppy died, it wasn’t a sci-fi dystopian film. It … Continue reading Melancholia