Mona Lisa

I recently started watching the series “Halston” on Netflix. I’m a former model wannabe and lover of fashion, so everything about it speaks to my core.

I also realized something: I would be honored to be someone’s muse. Halston had several muses from Liza Minnelli to his fit model to his multiple lovers. He loved the female form and created some of the most beautiful clothes I’ve ever seen.

I digress, but also wish I could have met him.

But, isn’t that what we all want? To be someone’s inspiration, their reason for their craft, their Liza, their Mona Lisa?

And don’t we all need a muse? Someone who takes your inspiration and creativity to the next level.

Find your muse, marry them or at least keep them close. And if you’re lucky enough to be someone’s muse, indulge them. 😉

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