The Ritual of Samba

I love samba.

I love the music, I love dancing to it and I love watching good samba dancers dance to good samba drummers.

What’s even more beautiful is a solo between a really good samba dancer and a really good samba drummer. They exponentiate each other.

What makes for a good dancer and a good drummer is rhythm. Rhythm is deep. It’s the bass, it’s why I think we’re all born with rhythm. It’s raw.

Melody is more nuanced, it can be controlled or chaotic.

Samba is chaotic as hell. It’s the reason that there are huge samba bands. There is so much rhythm and nuance that it can take an army to figure it out.

But some of the best samba bands are the smallest. They’re made of shape shifters who know the right balance of melody and rhythm.

Great samba dancers? They are masters of control. They can feel the slow earthiness of the bass, and can also “elevate” to the quick melody and hit every level in between…..they not only hit it, but they can instinctually feel the changes coming. They have musicality.

“Elevate” is in quotes for several reasons.

Watching “good” is a dating ritual. Watching “great” feels like a mating ritual.

Great samba dancers look Amazonian.

They’re peacocks with purpose.

You good?

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